Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter Series

Today our local running club held another Winter Series Run.  These are great runs because they always offer three distance options building up to the Winter Marathon.  The course is pretty boring but it gets you outside running in the winter with lots of great runner friends.  I had originally planned to run the 25K.  I thought since I ran the half last weekend and was feeling good I would try to run a little longer this weekend.  For some reason though I have was feeling off last night and this morning so I decided this morning to run the 10K instead.   I'm glad I did because I had a good run.  I finished in 54 minutes flat which is not a PR but not my worst 10K by any means.  While I felt ok during the run I definitely did not have another 9 miles in me today. 

My marathon training plan starts in 2 weeks so I'm glad I took it easier today.  I have many weeks of long runs ahead of me. It was nice to be done with my run early and enjoy the rest of the day.  I ended up having a playdate with Mia and my cousin's little girl.  It was definitely worth trading the miles for today. 

I ended the week with lower mileage than I had hoped but again marathon training starts in 2 week and I will soon be ramping up the miles.  I've been doing great with my other goals.  I did abwork 3 days this week and took a new yoga class.  I've also been stretching more.  I haven't stretched right after every run because my lunch runs don't leave me a lot of time after to stretch.  Instead I've been trying to stretch at night.   I also bought another package at the yoga studio I've been going to and so did my friend Kim so hopefully we can make it a regular thing.

Tomorrow my plan is to get up and run 4 miles outside before Mia is up and Joe has to leave for work.  This means 5:30 am in the dark.  I really need to start doing this.  I bought some Knuckle Lights and a new reflective vest so I'm prepared.  I have no excuses...

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