Saturday, January 21, 2012

What a Week

It's been a crazy week so far.  I was sick for two days, my husband broke his finger and this morning Mia and I are stuck at home because my husband took my car keys by accident! I'm hoping things get better this afternoon.

I felt so proud of myself and motivated after the crazy 13 mile run in the cold on Sunday.  I followed it up with a decent 4 mile recovery run on Monday and after that things went downhill.   I think my body has been fighting something for the last 2 weeks since last week I got sick too.  This week it really knocked me down.  On Tuesday I was feeling pretty lousy and congested.  Sometimes when I feel that way a run helps so I attempted a treadmill run at the gym.  That was my start of my unraveling.  I got through it but the rest of the day I continued to feel worse. By the time work was over I could barely talk.  I ended up with a fever and stayed home sick the next day.  I took Mia to daycare and slept all day.  It was so nice.  I think it was exactly what I needed. I still didn't feel 100% the next day so I decided to take an extra rest day and play it safe.  Yesterday I finally ran again.  I was dreading it thinking it wasn't going to be a very good run since I was coming off of being sick.  I only ran 3 miles but felt surprisingly good.  I probably should have run a few more miles but was nervous about pushing it.

I'm hoping to get to the Y this afternoon and get a treadmill run in while catching up on some of my tv shows. Tomorrow is another Winter Series Run.  I'm supposed to do the 15K and possibly add some miles on with one of my running friends. 

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