Monday, January 9, 2012


My plan to get up and get 4 miles in before everyone woke up this morning did not happen.  Since right around Mia's 2nd birthday in November we've had sleep issues with her.  Usually she is a good sleeper unless she is sick or teething.  The slip issues started when she was having stomach issues and even though we found the cause of her stomach problems and seem to have resolved them she still has nights where she wakes up and we can't get her back down.  Last night was one of them.  I was up and down with her for a few hours until I finally brought her in our bed hoping that I would at least get some sleep with her in there.  Of course she passed right out but then I couldn't sleep. 

When my alarm went off this morning I could not get up.  I ended up squeezing in 4 miles at lunch.  It was beautiful out, a cool and sunny day, perfect running weather.  I am glad I got to enjoy the day but I know I need to get myself into an early run routine.  I am going to try again tomorrow...

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