Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Officially In!

While I have been planning to run the NJ Marathon in May for a while now, I hadn't officially registered.  I wanted to wait until after all of the christmas spending was over before I spent money on myself.  Today I did it! I'm really looking forward to it.  There is a great group of Strong Running Mamas running and I know whether or not I hit my 4 hour goal I will have a lot of fun.

I also downloaded the Runners World 4 Hours or Bust Marathon Training Plan.  I used the 4:30 plan for my last marathon and came within minutes of my goal so I think this plan will work for me.  I'm starting the plan with a better base and I'm a lot more confident than I was before my last training cycle began.

So far this week I've been taking it fairly easy running-wise.  It's been freezing here so both of my runs so far have been treadmill runs at lunch.  Yesterday turned into speedwork since I had to wait for a treadmill and was forced to run fast to get 3 miles in.  Today I took it easier and ran 3 miles at a more comfortable pace.  I hate that I can only fit 3 miles in at lunch.  If I really push it I could probably get 4 but that will be pushing it time wise for me.  I think I need to bite the bullet and either run outside early in the morning or get to the gym very early.  I used to have no problem doing this before Mia, now I feel like mornings are already so hectic.  I would have to be home from the gym or running by 6:45 to make it work.  I think next week I will give it a try. 

As far as running outside in the morning goes I need to invest in a headlamp or knuckles lights.  I should also get some yaktrax since I may not be able to see ice early in the morning.  I guess I need to shop!

As for my other goals, I did core work tonight with Mia which was interesting.  I put on the P90X Ab Ripper video.  It's 15 minutes and is so hard.  Mia wanted to do them with me for almost the first 10 minutes, the last 5 or so she jumped on me which made it that much harder.  She's a tough coach!  I love that she tries to workout with me.  She runs around the house with her baby doll in her doll stroller saying "Ready Set Go!". 

Tomorrow night I am taking a yoga class- Hot Power Fusion.  The classes at this studio are tough but really fun.  Hopefully I can get into a regular class routine.  This weekend is another Winter Series Run so I'm planning on doing 15 miles on Sunday.

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