Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lost My Mojo

Well the bad news is I haven't been feeling well.  On the bright side though, I think that may have been what caused me to fall apart during the last two miles of my long run on Saturday.

Sunday late afternoon I started to feel lousy and realized that the aches I had been attributing to Saturday's long run were more than just long run aches.  My stomach started to feel icky and I just felt lousy all over, and the stomach issues began.  I won't go into details but it hasn't been great.

I never got a recovery run in on Sunday and ended up resting Monday too.  Tuesday I thought I felt better but I could barely get through 3 miles.  I just felt so run down.  Today was a little better but I still felt like I could barely get through my run.  It's frustrating to me because I really wanted to add in some more miles during the week this week.  I am really hoping that by taking it easy I can shake this thing quickly. A bunch of my running friends are running 18 on Sunday and I really want to do it with them. 

Tonight I registered for the Utica Boilermaker, a 15K race, which is about an hour from here.  It's in July and it's such a fun race.  It's like one giant party that ends at a brewery.  Everyone gets a beer plus they have live music and a party at the end.  Registering for that cheered me up a bit.  I am hoping I get my mojo back tomorrow!

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