Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Runners High

Sunday and Monday I was so happy about my pace at the marathon relay.  I know a sub four hour marathon is possible and nothing could knock me off the cloud I was riding around on- not even a husband that was up all night puking.

I think my runner's high got a little out of hand on Monday though.  After downloading lots of new songs on itunes (I need some new tunes to keep up this pace right?!), I ordered a new running skirt from runningskirts.com (another necessity!), and then I went shopping and bought a new coffee table and end table for the family room (hey- a relaxing family room is also essential to my training). 

Later in the afternoon when my husband was feeling a little better (I'll fill him in on the purchases later...), I channeled my high into something that was less damaging on my wallet and went for a recovery run.  The routes around my house are pretty hilly and I did a 4 mile route that has .75 mile uphill on the end.  I cruised along for most of my run listening to my playlist, but on that last hill my legs were feeling it.  I finished 4.35 miles with a 9:07 pace! This morning I could feel it.  My legs were shot, so today was a rest day.  I'm still on a high though.  I can't wait to run tomorrow and I'm really excited for 17 miles this weekend!

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