Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The last week or so has been crazy in our house.  My husband is in charge of putting on a regional taekwondo tournament every year.  This years tournament was over the weekend.  He had almost 400 competitors this year and it was his biggest one yet.  The planning goes on for over 6 months but the last month- especially the last two weeks are always insane around our house.  Our house becomes overrun with equipment, applications and everything else.  While I am glad the craziness is over, I'm really proud of my husband.  He puts on a great event and all the athletes seem to enjoy it. 

In the midst of the craziness I still kept up with my running last week.  I did miss one day but I got out there in the early mornings again to get it done the rest of the days.  My long run was scheduled for Sunday as usual.  My mother in law had taken Mia overnight so we could go out after the tournament with some of the volunteers and she was planning to keep her on Sunday for a while so we could sleep in and I could run.  I woke up with a horrible headache so I decided to run near my house and planned a route that I could shorten if necessary.  About 4 miles in my headache was gone and I felt great.  I finished my 12 miles stong! After the craziness of the week I was so glad to check that off my list and spend the rest of the day relaxing with my family and watching the Super Bowl!

My goal is to hit all of my runs this week and to take a yoga class tomorrow night.  Now that the tournament is over and my husband will be around more in the evenings I should be able to fit yoga in more regularly again. 

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