Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gravity Yoga

Wednesday night my friend Kim and I took our second Gravity Yoga class.  Gravity Yoga is a like yoga with cirque de soleil thrown in. It's yoga with a swing. It's a little crazy but a lot of fun. 

We go to a place called Good Karma and the instructor is great.  I am not very coordinated and anything that involved gymnastics has never been my thing but she makes everyone feel comfortable.  She also doesn't take things too seriously, she encourages everyone to have fun and laugh a lot throughout the class.

I really like the class because of the fun element.  It's something different and I'm doing headstands and flips that I never thought I could do during the class.  It's also a very good workout.  Your entire core is engaged throughout the class, so I have had sore abs the last few days.  My arms also got a good workout too.  I also like that with the help of the swing I can get into some of the typical yoga poses a lot deeper and so I feel much more stretched out after.  Balance is not my thing and in standard yoga classes I have a hard time with some of the poses, but at gravity the swing is there to help stabilize you for some moves.

We have  a lot of classes left in our package (they offered an awesome groupon a while back that we purchased) but unfortunately we only had two gravity classes in it so I think I'll have to purchase some more.  If you live in the area check out Good Karma and their gravity yoga classes.

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