Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Run Disney

Last week my whole family vacationed in Walt Disney World to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday.  She really wanted to take both of her granddaughters to Disney and so that's what we did for her birthday.  It was a great but exhausting trip.  I knew before we left that I wouldn't run much while I was there.  I was planning to rest a little from marathon May but I did hope to run a few days. 

The day before I left I met one of my running buddies, Gail, for a nine mile run bright and early, 5 am since she has to be to work early and I have to be home early so my husband can leave for work.  We've done this run three times so far and I'm hoping we make it a weekly thing.  It's a great start way to start the day. 

Anyway, back to vacation, I felt good knowing I had gotten nine miles under my belt before vacation and didn't feel a lot of pressure to run while we were there.  I did go out for three miles early in the morning on our second day but that was it.  We walked a lot while we were there and I felt like I got a lot of exercise.  I was exhausted each night when we finally went to bed.
View on my vacation run

I am a big Disney fan and have always wanted to do one of the Run Disney races- especially the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  This trip made me want to do it even more.  While we were there my mom even said that she would like to do it.  She is a walker and can walk at a very fast pace.  Last year she did the Avon Breast Cancer 39 mile walk in NYC, so I know she can do the distance.  I'm pretty psyched.  It would be really special to do that with her.  We have to discuss it a little more but registration for 2013 opens up in July and I plan to sign us up!

My Princess


  1. We should do this--- oh my, I hate to fly- but I really want to do a Disney race too