Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Marathon Bucket List

My friend and NJ Marathon training partner, The HappyRunner, has a new feature called Marathon Mondays where she profiles other marathoners.  It’s a great idea and it’s fun to read about other people’s marathon experiences.  This Monday she did a profile of me and one of the questions she asked was about what races were on my bucket list.   I gave her a few of my top ones but since answering her I’ve been thinking more about other races I should add to my list.

Here’s my marathon bucket list so far.  Any other great ones that I should add?

Look at the amazing views in this race.  It sounds like is very challenging but also worth it for the views.

I just began training for this race in 2009 when I found out I was pregnant with Mia.  I decided not to run it since I didn’t know how my body would handle pregnancy and running. Plus spending the money to travel across the country for a race I couldn’t put my all into didn’t seem wise with a new baby on the way.

It’s only a half but I am including it on my marathon list because I want to run it so badly.  Princesses are big in my house.  I need to run this race. It looks like so much fun.

You run the half one day and the full the next and it’s at the happiest place on earth, sounds like the perfect place to take on a challenge like this.

Another one that just sounds cool.  You run from Ojai, CA to the beach and it’s downhill!
Finishers get a Tiffany necklace...need I say more?!

I don’t know when but I WILL QUALIFY FOR BOSTON someday and run this. 


  1. Sounds like a great list. I'd love to do a Dsney Half.

  2. Marine Corp Marathon?

    I did the Disney Princess half in 2010. It was my 2nd half and a lot of fun!