Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May Recap

I am the worst blogger ever.  I don’t know what happened.  I haven’t written in forever.

May was literally a marathon month for me.  I ran two marathons, a half marathon, a 5K and a 3.5 mile race.  It was amazing.  I have never felt so strong as a runner.

While I intend to do more detailed reports on these races let me give you a quick recap:

New Jersey Marathon, May 6, 2012: This was going to be my sub 4 hour race.  I had trained for it, I was ready for it and for various reasons but mainly me taking off like a bat out of hell and running the first half at a ridiculous pace it didn’t happen.  It still ended up being a great race for me and I finished with a 10 minute PR of 4:23:59!!!

Make it a Great Day Half Marathon, May 19, 2012: I ran this only because most of my running friends were doing it and I had 13 on the schedule.  The following week I would be running the Memorial Day Marathon so I was treating it mainly as a training run.  I was hoping to run it under 2 hours but I think I was dehydrated going into it.  I felt ok for the first half or so and then had some cramping.  I tried walking at times and finished in 2:05:37- not my best or worst half marathon time.

Memorial Day Marathon, May, 27, 2012: This was the hardest race I have ever done and probably the one I most proud of.  It can be described as rolling hills for the first 18 miles and then all uphill for the last 8, with the last 6 being the hardest uphill ever.  Oh and did I mention the heat and humidity?! That being said this was an awesome race on a super hot day.  I am so glad I did it. I finished in 4:46:28- again not my best or worst but I earned every mile and I am proud!

My next race it the Boilermaker, a 15K on July 8th.  I am also running the Hudson Mohawk Marathon on October 7th so training starts in 2 weeks for that.  For now, I am in recovery mode, trying to listen to my body and run however long and fast I feel like.  I am amazed at how good my body feels after all of those races in May.  I never thought I was capable of 2 marathons in a month and now I find myself thinking about how many more I can do...

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