Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Series #3

Sunday was the Winter Series #3 Race put on by the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club.   It was run on the same course as the Hangover Half (Winter Series #2) where I came down with the stomach bug on New Year's Day.  There were 3 distances offered this week: 3 miles, 10K and 25K.  I was planning to run the 25K and Joe and my uncle were going to run the 10K.  My friend Jenny was running the 25K too.

On the morning of the race I changed my mind and decided to run the 10K.  Late Saturday night and early Sunday morning I started to dread the idea of running the 25K.  I kept remembering how lousy I felt on the course last time and I actually didn't want to go at all.  I think part of this was due to the fact that Mia had finally given up her binky the day before and we had kind of a rough night with her (smooth sailing since though!).  I was also feeling guilty that I was going to be so much time running that morning.  Usually I look forward to running but this what not one of those days.

I realized that right now I am not on an official training plan.  My Lake Placid training doesn't start for a few more weeks so why am I pushing myself to run a distance I just didn't want to that day.  Right now I should be focusing on getting ready for my training and not pushing myself in a way that makes me dread running. 

In the end I ran the 10K pushing Mia and had a great run (Joe would have pushed her for the 10K while I did the 15K but I wanted to be with her instead in case she had binky issues). I felt strong the whole time and enjoyed myself.  Sometimes I have the best runs pushing her because I don't pay attention to my pace since I assume I will be slower, I end up just running by how I feel and end up keeping a pretty decent pace. I also ran into lots of running friends, include Darlene, who got some pics before and after the race.

It was a good reminder to me to focus on my goals rather than trying to do everything just to do it.  I don't think I would have gotten any value out of the 25K on that particular day because I just wasn't into it.  Most likely I would have gotten myself frustrated and instead I walked away from the 10K feeling good about running and excited to start my official training soon.

Tonight I am off to do hill repeats with Jenny and some friends from ARE, another running club we belong too.  We have been doing this workout the last few Thursday nights and I feel like it's making me stronger.  I'm signed up for Winter Series #4 on Sunday, this time I am doing the 15K and most likely pushing Mia again since Joe will be working.  I also signed up for the Running of the Green 4 mile race in March and am hoping to break 30 minutes.  Lot's of fun running stuff to look forward too!

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